5-Star Patient Reviews: Angela & Oswaldo

A special thank you to Angela D. and Oswaldo E. for their glowing reviews left on Yelp. As many of you know, reviews can make or break an office, which is why it means so much to us when a patient takes the time to leave a positive note about their experience.

Unfortunately, Yelp uses a private algorithm to determine which reviews they keep, and which ones they filter out, so there’s nothing we can do to unhide the 18 5-Star reviews they are hiding on our page. One thing we can do is to ask our wonderful patients who are active Yelpers to please take the time to share your experience with others so we can start to turn our Yelp page around!

Feel free to check-in at your next visit, post pictures to Yelp, Facebook and even Instagram!


“Our family has been coming to West Plano Modern Dentistry since Oct ’16 when we moved from another state.  I have been to many dentists in my days, and have a higher than normal expectation with dental services.  I cannot say enough great things about this practice!  Dr. Partow is a FANTASTIC leader and highly skilled dentist!  Her employees love working there and for her and it shows!  They are great to work with, very friendly and authentic.  I had some major issues that needed repaired and I remember pain from previous dentists – Dr. Partow was so gentle, I did not feel a thing and was surprised when it was all over.  They are honest and fair.  I would recommend this dental practice to anyone!!”

-Angela D.
Originally Posted to Yelp
February 17, 2017


“Was very nervous to start off with, but the dental assistant Teresa and the Dentist made me feel very at ease as a team. They worked very well as a unit and understood what was needed from one another to ensure my visit was the best.  I went in for a deep cleaning and to fix  a chipped tooth. I had heard the Deep Cleaning was very painful, but luckily I did not go thru any unnecessary pain due to the professionalism of the staff. As for the filling I cannot complain or be any happier. It was a front tooth I was getting fixed, so not only did they help give me comfort in my own mouth, but confidence as well! Thank You
West Plano Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics for everything!!!!!!!!!!!”

-Oswaldo E.
Originally Posted to Yelp
November 30, 2016

Thanks so much again, Angela and Oswaldo! We’re delighted to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with West Plano Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics!!

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