8 Foods And Drinks To Avoid

We’re yet to meet a patient who comes in hoping for a cavity or two. So unless that’s you – you probably do your best to avoid the discomfort and cost associated with a less than stellar dental checkup. Our diet plays a huge role in our dental health, so picking your foods and drinks wisely can have a major impact on the way your next appointment goes.

The staff at West Plano Modern Dentistry And Orthodontics compiled a list of the 8 worst foods and drinks for your teeth, many are no-brainers, but there may be one or two you hadn’t thought of. Give it a read and let us know your thoughts!

Love Your Smile

1.Hard, sour or sticky/chewy candy – It’s no secret that candy is bad for your teeth because of the high sugar content, but you may not realize the risks associated with hard, sour or chewy candies in particular. Hard candies are one of the top causes of chipped or cracked teeth – especially in children, while sour candies contain high levels of acids which can eat through enamel and chewy candies latch on to teeth and reek havoc in your mouth long after the treat is gone.

2. Sticky snacks like dried fruit – You may be surprised to see dried fruit on the list of no-no’s but, like sticky and chewy candy, dried fruit contains high levels of sugar and their sticky nature means they stay on and between your teeth longer.

3. Chewing ice – Say it with us, ICE IS FOR COOLING, NOT CHEWING!

4. Citrus fruits and juices – Citrus fruits like oranges, limes, lemons and even tomatoes are high in acid which is bad news for your enamel. Try to reduce your consumption of these to avoid cavities and other dental complications.

5. Starchy foods like pasta, bread, crackers and potato chips – You know, all the good stuff! 🙂 It’s pretty hard to avoid these staples, so try to remember to be extra diligent in your brushing and flossing after a starchy meal. Once exposed to saliva, starchy foods turn into a sticky, sugary paste that slides it’s way between your teeth where it can do some pretty serious damage.

6. Coffee, Tea and Soda – No surprise here! Not only do these drinks stain and discolor teeth, their (typically) high sugar content makes them another on the long list of cavity-causers.

7. Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol actually reduces the saliva in your mouth which leaves your teeth vulnerable. Saliva is our first line of defense in washing away foods and drinks that cling to our teeth and gums, so reduced saliva = reduced natural protection.

8. Sports and Energy Drinks – These are especially tough to avoid in the summer at baseball games and soccer practice, but sports and energy drinks are just as bad for teeth as a big fizzy glass of soda. Whenever possible, opt for a big glass of cold water to help beat the heat and stay hydrated!